did you know?

That 99% of all life insurance claims
were paid out last year

did you know?

The average family spends
£537 per month raising their children

did you know?

Adults spend £10k per year finanically
supporting their dependents

did you know?

The cost of life insurance has fallen
for the second year in a row

did you know?

Two thirds of Britons haven't
upgraded their life cover

Protecting your family financially when they need it most

If you die, or become critically ill and unable to earn an income, it is vital that your family is financially protected. The last thing they need in these circumstances is to worry about covering household bills, university fees, mortgage repayments and putting food on the table.

With cover starting at only £5 per month, it makes real financial sense to guard against the unexpected – because unfortunately, it does happen.

Food for Thought

If you died suddenly, or had to stay off work through long term sickness, injury, or critical illness, could you or your loved ones survive financially for long?

Insure Life is here to give you complete peace of mind that your family is looked after if you are no longer with us, and you also have the option to insure against a wide range of critical illnesses that would render you unable to earn an income.

Options include Level Term Assurance to protect your family financially with a lump sum pay-out or Mortgage Term Assurance which is specifically designed to pay off your mortgage.

Insure Life provides:

  • Life Insurance (sometimes called Life Assurance)
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Long term Sickness cover

As a specialist life insurance broker, our first job is to understand the type of cover you require and advise you on the options available in plain and simple terms. We will then use our large panel of insurers to source the best policy for you.

Policies start as low as £5 per month*, so if you have loved ones and need to provide for them financially, it makes absolute sense to protect their future and give yourself total peace of mind.

*£5 per month is based on a male, non-smoker, 25 next birthday, 25 year term and £118, 815 worth of cover

Why Choose Us?

  • Level Term Assurance or Mortgage (Decreasing) Term Assurance
  • Fixed premiums throughout the life of your policy
  • Lump Sum Pay-out
  • Cover from only £5 per month / 17p per day
  • Add critical illness covering up to 45 conditions
  • Sickness cover for self-employed to pay monthly bills
  • Experts to give you the jargon free options & quotations

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Insure Life is here to give you complete peace of mind that you family
is looked after if you are no longer with us

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